The Lakes 4 Wheels Forward Mystery Tour 2019

June 15th & 16th 2019

Something a little different, yet again!

We have done this for a few years now and it is a really good trip. So here it is again, except in the summer for a change, in the hope of some sunshine. Don't knock it till you've tried it people, this is a real hoot in any vehicle. It is a chance for those who fancy it to dig out your 4 wheel favorite, maybe grab the Mrs (or Mr) or even a mate and get out for a weekends 4 wheeled sightseeing on the best roads I know. Any vehicle with 3 wheels or more that is capable of completing the 500 mile ish trip without having to be pushed by others too much will do the trick. Come and join us for something a little different.. Another 4WF weekend for those who like to get the car out for a gentle blast. This time we are heading for the Lakes, through North Yorkshire on the best driving roads I know. We will meet up at 9.45 in our Hotel Car Park near J24 on the M62, book one night to meet us on the Saturday morning, or two nights if you want to make your way there Friday afternoon/ Evening and stay over Friday night for some food, chat and a relaxed breakfast before the off. We will depart the car park at 10am and make our way north through North Yorkshire and the Lakes before eventually reaching our accommodation on the far side of the Lakes for an evening of food, drinks and general chat. Always a good doo and more fun than you might think. As usual, I will book your rooms, provide a two way radio for each car to help with directions and general banter, as well as plan and lead the group on the best roads I know. Limited numbers, so don't hang around and join us on the Sunny Lakes 4WFMT Mystery Tour 2019.

To book your place on The Lakes 4 Wheels Forward Mystery tour 2019, hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance to the address on the form.

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