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When you love biking as much as you love spending time outdoor, there are many sports to combine the two so that you can have a full joyful experience every time.

If you put together bicycles and rough terrains, you get a fun, challenging outdoor activity, which you must have heard by now.

Trail mountain biking means you take your special designed bicycle (mountain type) over rough terrain. Mountain bikes are similar to common bikes, but come with some other features that add durability and better performance in rough terrain.

The farther we talk about mountain biking, the more we find out about things like cross country, downhill, freeride, dirt jumping, trail riding. The main categories are though trail and cross country riding styles.

When we talk about what you need for trail mountain biking, we have to mention strength, good balance, self-reliance and great bike handling skills. The better you are at this, the more you are able to do both steep technical descents and high climbs also.

Where can you do trail mountain biking? Well, almost anywhere from a backyard to a gravel road, but the best experiences come from the off-road trails, either it’s country back roads, fire roads or single tracks (narrow trails in the forest/mountain/desert).

The trail mountain biking gets something from trail running also. As this sport is basically away from any public, your kind of need to rely on yourself most of the time. You need to learn how to fix a broken bike or a flat tire. You would need to always have a backpack, a water bladder and essential tools for the trailside repairs. It’s very wise to always have on you a carry emergency kit in case of an injury.